Geordie Jackpot delivers latest NE1 Pocket Park

Wed 12 September 2018
Geordie Jackpot delivers latest NE1 Pocket Park

This is the first city centre project paid for by the Geordie Jackpot, which NE1 Ltd launched in 2017. The park, which will remain in place until October, will be equipped with large planters incorporating a range of seating, and will provide a green and pleasant space to linger in the city centre. The park will also play host to various free activities throughout the summer including Yoga and Tai Chi sessions. The park will remain in place until October and being recyclable, will return every summer. Subscribers to the lottery will also be invited to attend an exclusive launch event to officially open the park.

The people of Newcastle have a long and illustrious history of paying for major civic works; one of the most prominent examples of this is Earl Grey Monument in the heart of the city centre. This was delivered and paid for by subscription by the people of Newcastle in 1832, and it is fitting that the Grey Street Gathering will be situated close by.

NE1 Ltd was keen to reinstate this tradition of civic pride and community investment via the Geordie Jackpot. 50% of the money raised from Geordie Jackpot ticket sales goes to projects and local worthy causes, the first recipient being Barnardo’s children’s charity which received a grant from the Geordie Jackpot earlier this year.

The Geordie Jackpot is a weekly local lottery, which has recently been changed so there are now even more chances to win cash prizes with a jackpot prize of £25,000.

The Grey Street Gathering is a local affair with local designers and builders working on its design and construction. Design group Colour have designed the pocket park with inspiration for the planters taken from the Lort Burn, a stream which used to flow downhill to the Tyne, the planters have been manufactured by local company, Unicorn Fabrications with the build work carried out by ESH.

Commenting on the new Grey Street Gathering, Pam Carefull, Project Manager at NE1 Ltd said:

“True to form, the people of Newcastle have demonstrated their generosity and civic pride by buying Geordie Jackpot lottery tickets and paying for the creation of our newest pocket - park in the heart of the city. We are looking forward to it opening = in mid-August.

“We have plans to animate the park with free activities and are delighted that Geordie Jackpot players will get to enjoy the fruits of their generosity and will be invited to attend the official launch event. We’d love to see more people sign up to play the Geordie Jackpot, it is a great means of investing in the city we all love and delivering exciting new projects for Newcastle. If more people sign –up to play, imagine what we could achieve!

A timetable of the free activities at Grey Street Gathering will be published on

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